Pat Cooligan Seminar

What an amazing inaugural seminar with our new affiliate Professor Pat Cooligan!

Pat and Team Renzo Gracie has re-ignited our passion for jiu-jitsu. His wealth of knowledge, talent,  professionalism, and unwavering spirit lays a new foundation for higher-level jiu-jitsu at HTA.

We’re not just teammates; we’re a family pushing each other to greatness. 🙏🏼💙

Thank you Professor Cooligan for leading our school and the great amount of wisdom you bring to Team Renzo Gracie OAMA HTA and to Renzo Cooligan for helping us with our seminar and some really fun rolls!

Thank you to all of the students and coaches that helped make this all possible!
Your loyalty and commitment to Hybrid Training Academy is recognized and appreciated!

Thank you to Jose Castillo at José Castillo Photography for his talent and exquisite ability to capture all of our teams finest moments!

Congrats to all on their very well deserved promotions!
“In the transition from the familiar to the unknown, we unearth dormant passions and talents. What once felt old and comfortable transforms into a canvas for new love and growth—a masterpiece waiting to evolve.

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Congrats to the following students and more:

• James Linton – 2 Stripes
• Kiko – New Blue Belt
• Noah Greco – New Blue Belt
• Jacob – 1 Stripe
• Mike VanVliet – 1 Stripe
• Keenan Blais – 1 Stripe
• Xavier Berton – 2 Stripes
• Hoyeon Choi – New Purple Belt
• Cory Rubin – 2 Stripes
• David Bee – New Purple Belt
• Jaxon Major – New Yellow/white Belt
• Jaden Major – New Yellow belt
• Sean LaBute – 1 Stripe

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