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Family Friendly

A culmination of years of teaching, competing, and experience, with a welcoming, comfortable, and family friendly environment make HTA one of the oldest MMA schools in Windsor-Essex, see why with a 10 day free trial. Learn boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, MMA, and more, under one roof.

Beginner Friendly

Best part is, you don’t need any prior experience to join the class. Our classes are designed to be beginner friendly. While the instructors are always on-site, you’ll also learn from your classmates who have experience.

More Classes Per week. More Disciplines. More Affiliations. More Bang for your Buck.
HTA 1 YearCompetitors 1 Year
Free Trial10 Days7 Days
Affiliate SeminarsYesX
Parents Sideline SeatingYesX
Kids Hours/Week61-4
Teen & Adult Hours/Week113-5
Dragon Leg Muay Thai,
Renzo Gracie OAMA, AOKA
1 or 2 at most
LocationsWindsor & Lakeshore1 Location
Freeze Membership20 DaysX
AccessAll Classes & Strength & Cardio FacilityAll Classes & Strength & Cardio Facility (if available)
ClassesBJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMABJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA or Wrestling
Price$139/mo. ($5.20/kids class or $4.50/adult)$129 - $145/mo. ($8+/kids class or $6+/adult)
2 Members$260/mo.$235 - $280/mo.
3 Members$365/mo.$345 - $388/mo.
Competitors pricing in the market for equivalent of Adult All Access Pass.

We have students starting as early as 5 years old, bring them in and you'll see for yourself how they can flourish in the class.

Walk-ins are always welcome at our school. Come in 5-10 minutes before the class starts and talk to an instructor for your free trial or save time and click here to sign up online.

The class typically break down into warm-ups, intense activity mixed with coaching instruction, and a brief cool down. After the warm-up, the instructor will teach a daily technique(s) that he/she would like you to focus on and you partner up with your classmate to practice. The class usually will finish up with some conditioning. We have optional sparring and rolling time after regular classes as well.

For people coming to their free trial, regular sports clothes are good. Shorts are recommended for Muay Thai. You can borrow gloves during your trial.

For members enrolled in Muay Thai program, gloves and Muay Thai shorts are mandatory. This is to respect and preserve the authentic Muay Thai culture. However, members that have any personal or religious concerns are welcome to dress as how they feel comfortable. Hand wraps are optional.

For members enrolled in Jiu Jitsu program, rash guards and leggings/spats are encourage to wear but not required. Gi is mandatory for members who attend Gi Jiu Jitsu classes. We don’t have any restrictions on color, design or material but prefer black or white Gi's.

Yes, family members, or groups of friends are entitled to discounts starting at just 2 people! 2 family members can join for a total price of $260+HST or 3 for $365+HST!

Largest Training Facility

Boost your confidence with us

5,000 Sqft to Train

Boasting one of the largest facilities for Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA. Members have access to our strengthening facility, changing rooms, lockers, and not just mats at specific locations. Parents are encouraged to stick around and watch from designated viewing areas so they can actively see how their kids are improving at all locations.