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In our ongoing efforts to improve HTA standards for all, key items such as managing students, equipment, staff, and maintaining a safe, clean environment are important for us and our students/visitors. With the help of our affiliates at Renzo Gracie Academy Jiu Jitsu and Dragon Leg Muay Thai, we’ve compiled a list that we think everyone will appreciate. Most of them you already do, so thank you!

For people coming to their free trial, regular sports clothes are good. Shorts are recommended for Muay Thai. You can borrow gloves on your first day.

For members enrolled in Muay Thai program, gloves and Muay Thai shorts are mandatory. This is to respect and preserve the authentic Muay Thai culture. However, members have any personal or religious concerns are welcome to dress as how they feel comfortable. Hand wraps are optional.

For members enrolled in Jiu Jitsu program, rash guards and spats are encourage to wear but not required. Gi is mandatory for members who attend Gi Jiu Jitsu classes. We don’t have any restrictions on color, design or material.

The class typically break down into warm-ups, intense activity mixed with coaching instruction, and a brief cool down. After the warm-up, the instructor will teach a daily technique(s) that he/she would like you to focus on and you partner up with your classmate to practice. The class usually will finish up with some conditioning. We have optional sparring and rolling time after regular classes as well.

  1. Students must always show respect to all peers and instructors. Please treat everyone with courtesy. 
  2. All students share the responsibility of keeping the Academy safe and clean.
  3. Please do not arrive late to class or leave early. If you must, obtain permission from your instructor first.
  4. All classes begin with students checking in and then lining up in descending rank.
  5. Students must remain quiet and attentive in class and not engage in idle, unnecessary chatter. This is of particular importance when the Instructor is speaking or demonstrating a technique.
  6. Students must wear clean, odor-free clothing at all times.
  7. Students are encouraged to wear at least 1 item of Dragon Leg or Renzo Gracie uniforms on the mats.
  8. Students must wear appropriate attire for the nature of the art. e.g. Shorts, Leggings, Shirt, Rashguard, Gi’s.
  9. Hats, outdoor shoes, or jewellery are prohibited in the mat area.
  10. All students must maintain impeccable personal hygiene due to the close-contact nature of the arts. If you are sick, please stay home.
  11. Nails must be trimmed and without any sharp edges.
  12. All students are required to report any injury, health, or skin condition to their instructor prior to each and every class. Any skin condition must be addressed immediately before a class begins.
  13. Obscene language, ill temperament, or discrimination (of any kind) will never be tolerated at the Academy. Control your temper at all times while training. We have a strict bullying and foul language policy. You will be removed from the class and possibly from all future classes if this happens.
  14. Do not abuse your knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts should only be used to protect yourself and others.
  15. Footwear/Flip-flops must be worn when off the mats. Especially when going to the bathroom. Try to go before coming to class.
  16. If anyone is caught training with infections, they will be banned from the academy.
  17. Save plastic and bring a full reusable water bottle.

Practical Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Training

  • Train to the best of your ability and always apply maximum effort.
  • To get the most out of your training, attend classes regularly.
  • Be on your best behavior at all times, and respect the Academy’s etiquette.
  • Listen to your instructor carefully.
  • Improve and train the skills you already have.
  • Learn any new skills with precision, concentration, and motivation.

While some of these rules may seem strict and formal, they exist for a reason:

The Academy Etiquette Guidelines are crucial in order to instil the respect and discipline necessary when practising martial arts.

Without committing to these guidelines, practising this art form could be dangerous.

Thank you,

HTA Staff


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