Cindy Kailik

Kickboxing, muay thai, bjj

Cindy Kailik​


Cindy is an American-style trained kickboxer who transitioned to Muay Thai for a combined 4+ years of

Training Background
  • 2022 - Present - HTA Windsor & HTA Lakeshore, ON. Head Instructor and World Champion medalist Sean LaBute (Renzo Gracie BJJ)
  • 2023 – HTA Windsor, Windsor, ON, Coach - Matee Jedeepitak 2023 - HTA Lakeshore, Lakeshore, ON, Guest Coach - Jean Charles Skarbowsky (3X European Champion Ultimate Fighter & Muay Thai coach to Georges St-Pierre)
  • 2023 - HTA Lakeshore, ON, Guest Instructor - Royce Gracie (First Ever and 3X UFC Champion)
  • 2023 - HTA Lakeshore, ON, Guest Coach - Neungsiam Fairtex (Lumpniee Champion)
  • 2024 - HTA Lakeshore, ON, Professor Pat Cooligan (Team Renzo Gracie OAMA)