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Windsor Open 2024

Windsor held its first large scale Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, organized by Uncle MMA and we couldn’t have been prouder of our

Sparring 101

Here at HTA our mission is to help you achieve and reach your goals. In a controlled and ego free environment, we

Practicing martial arts carries with it many advantages in life. A few benefits of martial arts are that it builds confidence, promotes

March Champions

How proud are we of our champions this weekend? We’re simply ecstatic! They’ve been putting in the hours and sweat into improving

We’re thrilled here at HTA about this revolutionary new Intro Women’s Combative Program that is one of a kind in Windsor-Essex. We’ve

Not many know the story about Dragon Leg Muay Thai and why HTA works to keep this authentic style and affiliation going

HT Academy Etiquette

In our ongoing efforts to improve HTA standards for all, key items such as managing students, equipment, staff, and maintaining a safe,

Kids Feb Promotions

A very busy week for our lead instructor Sean LaBute, as well as Keenan (BJJ), Sebastian (KX), David (BJJ), James (BJJ), Cindy

Women’s Program

We will be introducing a women’s only program, starting March 25. It will be an intro to striking, discipline, and self-defence taught

Pat Cooligan Seminar

What an amazing inaugural seminar with our new affiliate Professor Pat Cooligan!  Pat and Team Renzo Gracie has re-ignited our passion for

February 2024

With spring just around the corner we’re already hard at work planning and working on bringing a lot of new improvements to

2023 Recap

First off, to our loyal students, we want to thank you for all your support in 2023 and look forward to giving