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SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Strapless Slim Fit, Junior with Case for BJJ, Boxing, MMA (5-11 Years, Fangz)

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Mouthguards are a nuisance, right? Wrong! SAFEJAWZ have revolutionised the world of sports mouth guards and invented a mouthguard that athletes actually WANT to wear. Founded by athletes, we’ve experienced those moments playing sport where you’re digging deep, and your mouthguard feels like a burden. Often, they can make it difficult to talk, breathe and drink.

But rest assured, with the SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Range, you are given the confidence and freedom to think about nothing but your game. How? It’s SUPER SLIM, but offers superior protection. We’ve reinvented a product that has been asleep for years.

GREAT FIT – SAFEJAWZ offers amazing retention and secure- fit thanks to our FLUID FIT technology. It will fill the contours of your teeth and stay in the mouth – exactly where it’s meant to be!

MULTIPLE FITTING ATTEMPTS – Have you ever struggled to get a tight fit? ReModel Tech lets you repeat the fitting process multiple times until you get that ideal fit.

That’s not all….

Our unique Jaw Secure base will help protect your jaw from impact and also ensures a tight and comfortable fit, protecting all teeth.
Unrivalled comfort and protection thanks to our FluidFit material. The ultra slim profile doesn’t feel bulky in the mouth and helps avoid gag reflex.
Our simple boil ‘n’ bit fitting process takes less than a couple of minutes. We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise on all our products.

JAW PROTECTION – We have a pre-formed base to our mouthguards that we like to call JawSecure. This will help protect your jaw from impact whilst biting down on the guard.

ANTI GAG! – Do mouth pieces sometimes make you gag? We’ve ensured that our gum shields have an ultra-slim profile on the inside of the mouth ensuring minimum interference whilst playing sport, whether it’s football, rugby, boxing or hockey. Of course, all our products come with a case and we have two sizes for both adults and juniors.

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